Looking in at experience

caught in mind as phenomena,

moment to moment,

breath to breath:

in the body, states of being.

Feelings reported in the range.

Bodies as sensorial.

Bodies in space and moving.

Locating in space and time.

Temporalities. Orientation. Real, virtual.

Bodies as objects, seen,

felt, desired, positioned.

Living today in our histories,

genealogies, families as place, home

or alienations that move to death.

Living in geographies, in geologies,

in landscapes that contain culture, 

language that now is moving,

extinguishing, reforming, reshaping

in the evolution of time across time,

that constrains our existence.

Then touch and interaction.

Manipulating, changing,

and putting things together.

Fresh and then obsolete.

Thinking in forms, ideas

and words of today, yesterdays,

futures that are imagined, dreamed,

constructed in the wishes that

may come true, whatever true means.

Connecting it all together to make

beliefs about the whole,

and telling stories with self,

as internal dialogue of self.

Constructing a self for Others

in entanglements of groups and communities.

Speaking, listening, connecting.

Language and the feeling of writing,

of reading the text and the world:

the world as material, the world as

Others, as strangers, aliens, friends,

intimates in this horizon called a life,

told and retold as narrative to convince

the seIves of meaning and Others

that we have meaning, whatever

meaning means, as we consider our biology,

our frailty, anxiety, tension, finality,

sense of being creatures with mortality

among other creatures that find their

place and survive on this fragile blue rock 

strung out at the edge of our galaxy among galaxies.

created perhaps by god, perhaps by nature, 

perhaps by happenstance, who know?.

This is us as feeling momentary beings,

as lumps of flesh caught in the uncertain

world, in the spheres, in our horizons of 

awareness, in the circles of our presence, 

in being here as the fact of our existence.