Shapes and forms

All the shapes and forms

of the universe on display—

a gift of mathematics,

the atoms of art

never exhausted in

their combinations and turns,

a wondrous potential unending

in architecture and design,

the flow of words forming 

together in myriad ways,

the inhabitations of the 

human body, imagination

and soul—all caught uniquely 

together in the beautiful, the sublime,

the ugly, the ordinary, the 

interesting, the striking, 

creative and novel, the boring

and repetitious, and the spaces

into which we are born, live, love,

find meaning and die; and thence 

to the sky and out in which shape 

and form become cosmic, invisible, 

caught up in time’s vast canvas and 

driven by gravity and the 

mystery of the forms and shapes

of the vast fearless universe itself.