Hymn of the universe

The strings are all singing

their glorious songs

of the unfolding universe

and its creation through

the miracle of being.


Moving in space the scattered galaxies

are shifting and matter is forming

into new stars and new combinations

that are flying apart in the expanding horizons

of the infinities of space.


And we are looking and surmising

at all this moving and growing;

we are beholding with awe

the beauty and violence of

the unimaginable cosmic evolution

being seen on the grand screen of space

and viewed with astonishement

from this tiny blue planet

on the outer fringes

of the modest galaxy called

The Milky Way.


But when we look closely

with spiritual eyes

and see this great collision and collusion

of matter and energy,

of space and the entropy of time,

it reminds those of us,

who look for significance,

of the inner thread sewn,

of the core of unity and meaning,

that runs through and supports

the life of all things.


This inner thread,

formed in consciousness,

is not suitable

for scientific inquiry

because it exists

outside the sensory realm

and is the stuff of intuition,

of imagination, of mystery

and of the emerging, searching

troubled soul.


This thread,

so intimately sewn,

binds all things,

all entities, together

and forms the invisible spine

of the lofty collections

of matter in space,

matter held by visible

and invisible forces and

the great cosmic glue

that keeps all things

combined in this

inter-connected whole.


Life is the mysterious evidence of

this inconceivable coming together,

as aware and sentient beings,

and wandering and wondering souls,

consider the universe

and see mind in its great whole.


For Pierre Teilhard de Chardin