A construction job

Now, I need you to help me:

I am going to construct

a new and better self,

so I must clear away

and dump the old stuff,

that boring and crappy

side of me.


What I need you to do

is to order some online

new fashion values

and a set of tips

for how I should best behave

to get the most,

you know the ones

that are on special at the moment.


Now, don’t forget to

throw in some of those

great and noble habits,

and I mean the brand name ones

advertised in the media; oh yes,

and a large bin for

the old ones, please.


And of course I am

going to require the greatest

foundations that money

can buy, not to mention,

some lavish cosmetic furnishings,

from the best place, of course.


What do you mean

that’s not going

to create a new and better self?

That’s the way everyone does it,

and I want a piece of that action too.


A centre you say. A centre? Hm?

I suppose it’s love;

so can you be a top fella

and drop into the bargain store.