Old friend

Well, old friend, it seems

that you no longer drop in

to pay a visit and bring your 

charm of words that refreshes 

me like showers on a hot and

bothersome summer day.


No, you are absent and so

your company is not given in

the delightful creative moment 

to lift the dullness of the

everyday wheel of existence

and bring with flourish the joy of

of your conversation that takes 

me to places that I can only go 

when you are there to see me fly.


Or perhaps it is that in the droll

business of doing all I have to do

to play the games of living with,

success as the great reward, I am

the one who has failed to hear 

your voice and see the face that is

many faces and greet the friend that

is many friends who comes to visit 

only to be turned away at the door.