I long for you

How I long for you

through the distance

and separation

of now

and forever.


We were the two as one,

linked but separate,


as two minds

aglow with each other.


Now memory is

all that holds me

near to the repository

of you,

as body longs for body,

and soul longs for the

soul now silent.


I long for you

on nights when

only the cold sheets

are there

to greet my untouched body,

and the balm of

your lingering scent

is now absent.


And in day

even the pace of

living this life

cannot dull

the absent

hollow drum

that beats inside

and echoes your



The ground

might have taken you

and ravaged your

sweet body,

but I hold you safe

in this sacred spot


where I can come

and be

your companion still

in the presence of absence.


Yes, I long for you,

long for a

return that

cannot come,

long for the smile

that warms a cold day,

long for your

knocking heart

that wakes me

to live this life

and whose rhythm

is my music.


I long for you.