Love is the word

Love is the word that

represents the complex stuff

that glues us together as humans.


Love is a set of feelings that

sit together in synchrony and paradox,

and which we crave from birth to death.


Love is long and gradual,

built imperially on a bed of trust,

that creates the empire of family and duty.


Love is passion that drives out the old

and comes with the rush of a new wave

that washes us with surging foaming desire.


Love is longing for what was and might be,

felt in the body and shaped intimately by

imagination’s wilful yearning play.


Love is the deep visceral pain of loss,

that brings its intensity from the

void where love was felt once in touch.


Love is wishing the greatest,

but accepting the least in the

struggle and the glories of relating.


Love is centred in the person

and the stories of creation and redemption

that make a life and create its meaning and its whole.