Noble savage

Noble savage,
strong in the horizons
of the new south land,
we see you as perfection,
as Adam in the Garden,
and Eve at his side.

Then, as the myth
from creation goes,
the serpent from the north
came and plied his greedy wares
of alcohol and trinkets,
disease and despair;
and the noble savage,
so beautiful and so free,
was cast out from the
Garden opulent to the
fringes of the land.

And there at the fringes,
scattered and despised,
the noble savage beautiful
was savage without pride.

But there is no noble savage
and there is no garden fair,
and the serpents were just
ordinary men who did not understand.

And there is no grand perfection,
just connection to the land
for the men and women like us
who were first to love this place.