My gentle lover,

you are my cold and my flame,

firing me

and chilling me

to hold back

the deep swelling of self

that would disconnect us.



you tell me about

all of you,

and yet

I would have more;

I desire to suck out

all that is you

and taste it

as a manna of forever.



your touch

is my language of choice,

for it tells me

of your desire,

and with your eyes

that melt with mine,

desire and souls

are singular.



come to me

and give me

your outer

and your inner,

all that is your

flesh and your heart;

and on that I can feast

as long as

my chest moves with breath

and my imagination

stays rich with you.


My lover,

separation is never separate,

for we are


as one particle of life,

held together as two

sweet energies

that live

in a universe of us.