I’m not afraid of night



I’m not afraid

of the cloaking scarf

of the deep dark night,

like most everyone else

who look into

the impenetrable mystery

and sees there

demons that live in

the imagination.




I am afraid of light:

terrified of the

white bright light

that sees through

all my impudent


and makes me

naked to the bone.



the dark hides

and protects

my hidden silent self

that lurks

around in

the shadows

and is safe in its

anonymous place

that no other being

is allowed to see.


But the light,

the penetrating light

of revelation,

with its x-ray vision,

opens up that

dark cornered

unknowable self

to the common eye

and give a face

to that obscure location

where my

shadowed self

cares to hide.



I prefer the night,

with its comforting

blanket of delusion,

with no fears there,

and no opening up

that which I’m

afraid to show.