Finding the truth

I realised just

the other day

that I’d lost the truth,

and it was no where

to be found

on the ground,

in the air,

inside or out.


And search as I may,

it alluded my gaze

and I began to worry

that the truth would

never be found again.


I looked high and low

and even higher

on top of the

best ones of the lot,

but still its face

could not be seen

and it’s presence

was not where

it had been

in all the places

I had looked before.


But then, after the

balm of night’s shady sleep,

I began to think again,

and it occurred to me

that I was looking

in all the right places

but just seeing one thing,

when the truth is that

truth is seen in many places,

was always in front of me,

and it’s many faces

are everywhere.