Let’s laugh

I am laughing,

my friend,

laughing at

all the weirdness

that is this life.


I am falling down,

right now,

falling down from

the devastating

fits of humour

that have wracked and

overwhelmed my body,

like sorrow.


I can only laugh

with you,

my companion of mirth,

because anything

less is despair

and anything more

is terror.


Yes, I am laughing,

my friend,

laughing at the irony

of seeing

the good and the bad,

the strange and the familiar,

the beautiful

and the ugly,

that life hurls at us,

and all we can do

is stand there and stare.


So join me as

we laugh,

my friend;

let’s laugh

in the face of life,

as it creates its art;

let’s laugh

loud and long,

deep and dangerous,

before we

begin to cry.