Love’s call


in all her perfection,


through the echoing winds of life,

calls to us

in words gentle,

in words with challenge,

in yearnings for

the best in life.


Love whispers

her challenge,

her radical call,

to ever see out

and always see in,

to never be still

in the awful tides

of fear

that strip love away.


Love summons us

to bring the sweetness

of smiling joy

and the flowing energy

of peace

to where there is hate,

and to where anger dwells,

and to stand firm

in the front line

as her soldiers

who oppose

all the forces

that would hurt and destroy,

would separate

and take revenge.


Love calls us

to put on courage

and be her disciples

in the fear and brutality

of the arena with the lions.


Love’s call

is never shouted

but is an ever gentle

whisper of truth

to be her agents

of change in the world.


Can you hear her calling?