O war!

O war!

Fucking war!


Tearing homes asunder!

Ripping happy lives apart.

Opening the terror cracks

of despair!


And still they come!

Still they come.


Moving on and on!


Missiles flying out!

Blasting near!

Blasting far!

Night lights of horror across the

gasping land,

and booming, rumbling,

breaking silence as an omen

of what’s to come.


Death is too near!

Life is too dear!

But I shall give it as

my gift to this wonder:

this weeping place,

my blessed trembling home

from which I will not retreat.


O war!

O fucking war!


Families fleeing!

Children wrapped

against the cold.

Huddled close to

their mother’s breast.


Parting!  Parting.

Final kisses.

Desperate hugs!

Last touches, and tears

not near enough to break the

Tyrant’s heart.


Loaded in trains and miles

of cars heading out here

and there to. god knows where–a winding

sea of fleeing fear and loss

across no man’s land,

hardly seen, not really heard,

uncertain, despair, disbelief.


Bleeding wounds,

bleeding hearts.

Sadness etched on faces as

the terror force grows close.


Bodies lying!

Disfigured. Litter.

Someone’s son. Collateral.

Blood stained roads and grotesque.

buildings, burnt out blackened

wrecks of vehicles

and hasty barricades to keep

the terror out, the hordes away.

Textures in a land defaced.


Keep them out! Keep them out!

Such a hope as this with national pride

the guiding light to a future darker

than the darkest right.


O war,

fucking war.


What is this knife that

has struck my heart?


For Ukraine