Blood red

Blood red,

blood shed

for no cause,

for no idea,

other than hate,

other than some

cruel deadly fate.


Blood red,

faces white,

bodies still

and silent as sleep

after the noise,

after the sound

of death echoing

in the streets,

and striking the hearts

and causing the soul to

sink sad

and feel weak.


Blood read

and grief deep,

as deep as a well,

as a well of tears

that floods the world

with sorrow

and wonder

about the hate

and the fear

that so easily

brings death’s

final blow and

complete defeat.


Blood red,

lives gone,

people living

to remember,

to never forget

the blood,

to never let

the fearful acts

take away

the love,

take away

the hope that

one day

the living

and delicate blood

will never again

be split

from rage

on the floor

of prejudice

and hate.


Blood red,

blood we all share

as we stand

in grief,

defying fear,

rising in hope,

standing with heads

and hearts resolved,

Standing with

hands together held

in this place of peace.