When I lie down

When I lie down

to die

in my final winter bed,

let me not say of myself

that I have been less,

even if I wanted more;

let me not think

that my life

did not matter much,

even though it mattered

to only a few.


When I lie down

to take my last tender breath,

let me consider all

that I have done,

not what could have been;

for I have been

all I could be,

and in the sunny wonder

of living this life

there lies all my

heart’s full content.


When I lie down

and think my last thoughts,

let them be about all

the precious ones

that I have loved,

and all the smiles I

have smiled,

and all the truths

I have told,

and all the dreams

I tried to live bold.


When I die

let my epitaph be

that I was all

I could be,

and did all I could do,

and loved all

I could love

and smiled

and lived my truth.