The creature called Fear

In the dark

and mysterious caverns

of the human psyche,

and throughout

the precious human soul,

lies the slithering

and silent creature

called Fear.


All too well

those with the means

and the power

employ the creature

to sway the human heart

and shift it

this way or that

in a gross

and horrifying

mass movement

called Terror,

a movement

in which all

the creatures

get together to play

and make mischief.


Fear swims and slides

in that awkward space

between what is

and what might be;

and there Fear eats

the flesh and

bones of courage

as its daily dinner

and drinks

the elixir

of good will.


But Fear

cannot survive

in the warm

and forensic light

of knowledge and truth

that reveals it sinister ways

and demonstrates

that fear can only survive

in those dank,

dark caverns

called Ignorance

and Despair.