Between you and I

Between you and I

Is a history,

Etched in brains

That grow older,

Ever dimmer,

But not less


Not less


No less



Between you and I

There is a touch

That transcends desire,

Skin to skin,

And beyond

The measure of

Just the physical:

An intimacy of souls

And caresses.


Between you and I

There are the sacred spaces,

Actual and spiritual,

In which we live

And lived,

In which we felt

The energy of

Each with the other,

And the subtle sweet remembrances

Of what once was and always is.


Between you and I

There is the loss

Of what we had

And could have had;

There is the hollow dull pain

Of what is gone

And what will

Never come again,

And the surgical sharp fragments

Of what is left behind.


Between you and I

There is the said

And the unsaid:

Both equally potent,

With echoes and residues

That stir us and shape us

And move us unwittingly

Towards some place

We are yet to reach,

And may not even

Want to find.


Between you and I

There is the cold

Mist of uncertainty

That descends on us

As surely as death,

And we hold on,

And hold each other,

Waiting for that gulf,

That separation,

Whose darkness

Is complicit with the mist.


Between you and I

There is still a certain smile

Of warmth and irony,

Held with a gaze

Just long enough

To affirm,


That we are here,

Still here.




You and I;

I and you.

I and Thou





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