Your courage

I saw your look of fear,
but no one else cared to see,
only me by accident,
perhaps by design.
who knows,
who knows but you and me,
for you saw my gaze
in the haze of this moment,
of empathy.

And then, beyond the haze
of fear and doubt,
hidden from everyone but
me in our connection
as intimate strangers,
I also saw your courage that
existed despite the fear,
through the tears
that formed as drops
of strength, not weakness,
as you faced the foe:
no ordinary foe,
no menace from without
but the enemy within.

You stepped across the line
and it was nothing special to
everyone around,
except to you and me,
for I see as your witness,
the foe pushed aside,
the fear confronted,
and you as a woman
tied down and beaten up,
fragile and tortured by this life,
are now free.

2 /4/2018