For all the old ones

For all the

old ones,

who feel not age

as soul,

only as body,

and dream of

still being

the passionate ones

who reach

for life,

not reach behind,

I salute you:

I honour

your hidden life

and your

fullest love.


Your grey hair

and well-earned wrinkles

cannot hide

the desire,

the fullness,

that you felt

in young bodies

and still feel

in the memories

and in all

that remains as you

as you move

with the same intent

and with the heated passion,

now wrought

perfectly by age.


For all the old ones

who live now

and look

to newer days,

I want to tell you

that you are not inert

and in disguise

and covered by

the damned mask of age

that others

with failed vision

cannot see through.


You are ever vital

and ready to live

and to love

above the horizon

of expectations,

and there

to find anew

the passion,

the desire,

and the dreams

that were always there

and will never cease to be.


For all the old ones,

I salute you!

And I shall join

you soon.


Draft 26/8/2016