To touch your mind

If I could,
If it were possible
In this impossible place,
I would touch your mind
And turn that twisted wasteland
Where you live
In shadows and darkness
Straight and certain again.

In the darkness,
With voices that echo
And fears beyond fears,
You live as a stranger in
Your own homeland;
And the joys and laughter
Of those near and far
Do not fill your Cup
And you cannot raise it up
and give the general cheer.

For you live always and ever
in this twisted land,
In this place of confusion,
Of dreams and delusion,
beyond reach but never
far away,
Ever close but with a stranger’s eyes.

If only I could
Touch your mind.
And connect so that I see
What you see and feel the
dread of your haunted world.
If only I could mould you like clay
And bring you back
To life again,
And form your eyes
So they see me
And know me once again.

But you are you, only you,
Near and far,
Ever present but gone,
Loving so fleetingly but not enough,
Reaching with your finger,
Reaching up from the pit
To touch mine
And give the smallest
Sign that you are
still present and living there.