I am moved by many things.


Those heart strings easily twang,

yes it’s true!


It’s usually some fine music

filled with souring melodic joy,

or a great epic film that roars

with unexpected delight, or a book 

which reaches out and grabs me by

the heart and squeezes my soul.


But, no.

Not lately.


Perhaps I am more morose now and

not looking enough for the joy, or for all

that goddamn positivity stuff we are

supposed to have in this solution focused 

world where everything has it remedy.


No, lately I am of the darker side persuaded

and will not he turned by well-meaning memes.

I wonder about the world where deceit

covers over the cracked earth of suffering,

and no one seems to see the deceit or the 

cracks, ever if they open up before them entire.


I ponder and try to understand but all that

remains is the bitter reflux of humankind.


And then I reason with myself that it can’t be all

that bad; after all, there are probably many like 

me who wonder about the state of the world in 

their private thoughts that  none can see,

and they are good and want this world to heal,

even if they turnout with their faces beaming

as if the world is perfect and we’re okay.


Yes, lately I am moved, but not by rising 

crescendos of sparkling musical delight 

and poetry souring to the sunny skies,

only the minor key of discontent about our 

tribal species which we think will conquer 

all before it but is but tribal in the end.