I am still me

Whatever I may be

and however disappointed

others may be with me,

I am still me and only

ever can be me:

still the dreamer

looking over the horizon

and seeing in imagination

the first rays of another day.


I am me in all

my weaknesses and

me in the strengths that

others may choose to see

or decide not to want;

I am me in all the shortness

that life brings to those

who expect a lot.


Forgive me for being

the lesser image of what

you wanted in your life;

and if I could, if I was really able,

I would have given

you more on this

silver dish that is your life.


But I remain fully me

in all my looks and words

and sometimes irritating ways;

I will always be,

in body and soul,

this man who dreamed

too big and then lived too small,

and wanted above all else

the greater gift of love.