Talk to me

I am not

the punching bag

of your sadness

and of your striving

to understand

the state of your

changing life.


I am here to

listen and to

hold you if I can,

but I will not

be the focus of

your breathtaking attack

and the target

of your wish to

release the anger

that you no doubt feel.


Ask me to be

what you need me to be;

talk to me in words

of feeling,

not aggression,

and move from

your static isolation

by coming actively

to my side.


If you ask,

I will speak in

words of affirmation

and I will tell you,

if you allow me,

that life is not

as disappointing

and as perverse

as you think it is.


Work with me,

and we can grow

beyond the darknesses

that you feel.