The mind of a person

The mind of a person

is an intricate thing,

made of layers of

feeling and thinking,

and sensing all that

there is to sense

in the sphere of

the mind’s world

that shifts and stutters

from one moment

to the next.


The mind lies in the

bed of consciousness

in which it sleeps

and then wakes to sit

and then run with activity,

till to the bed it must

return again,

and the bed is

always there as the

null shadow that goes

with mind’s way and

with mind’s wilful turn.


The mind exists in body

but more than body

for it is the person and

all that exists as person

turning out to the world

and taking in and adapting

to all the world has to offer

and is offered in return.


Mind cannot exist

without body for sure,

but mind is also created

in the connectedness of

all that is present for

the body in the world,

for mind is entity,

process and ecology

threaded into

an implicate whole.