Simple precious things

I ask no more

than to have enough to

live, sleep, eat and love,

and of course the tools

to do what I like to do

to make me happy

and full of joy.


I require no more than this,

despite the drive to wealth

and the defining of success

through how much is acquired

and stored up as a garish act

in a hungry world.


Give me a pen

so I might write

from the juices of my heart.


Give me a meal

so I can eat fearlessly and

enjoy the taste of delicious company.


Give me a lover

so I can feel the tender

caress of another’s humanity.


Give me a scene

so I may soak in it

and live in its momentary grace.


Give me a person and their need

so I can enter as waiting friend

to see what I can do.


Give me just these,

these simple precious things,

and I can live,

not for money’s lure

or for fame’s desires

or for other’s dreams,

but fully for myself.