Perhaps Freud

was right about

the elemental constitution

of our nature as

human beings.


We seem to be,

According to Freud,

Child, Parent

and Adult,

and switch

our mode

to suit

the occasion

and the person,

as the sub-conscious

has its way

through a voice and

a pattern as

rigid as a wall.


The Child

emerges with

it’s egocentrism

and playfulness,

and it wildness

filled with the turmoil

of tantrums and

fears of what

is unknown

or not

yet understood.


And the Parent

comes to

nurture and control,

guide and soothe,

smother and talk

practical good sense,

correcting and chastening.


Then, the Adult

sees the reason

for it all,

in the calmness

and reflection,

in the wisdom

and the growth,

in the emergence

of a reflexive

authentic and

mature being.


I thus wonder

if I am

truly free,

according to

the Freudian

view of

who I am,

or if instead

I am a slave

to all the makes

me the me I am.


Or could I be

just an automaton,

built from

all the parts of me,

The Child,

The Parent,

and the Adult,

that form

this unique whole

that could be

called my ego

or my person?


Dr Freud,

you have a

lot of questions

to answer!