The politician

The politician

stands erect and firm

with the weight

of a speech,

one that must

be delivered,

sitting solemn

in hands

and tugging

at heart.


The person,

the human of doubts

and uncertainties,

is hidden and disguised

behind the

sleek and smooth

surfaces and masks

of party

and politics.


The politician’s voice

is heard

in tones regular,

in assurances

and discords

placed just right,

placed neatly

and strategically,

written precisely

to draw

the mute

and expected

applause of

the ticketed



But then,

in a disjuncture

of nature,

a small and subtle

shift from script

is heard

that resounds

from somewhere like

the heart.


The politician speaks

an inexcusable fragment

of truth,

and the well-rehearsed mob

are brought

to silence.