I am alone

I have learnt not 

to be lonely, even

if I am alone,

for to be lonely 

is to want for something.

beyond this being

that I am, and for

me this undiluted being 

is enough for me,

and is all that I

feel I need.


That sounds like the

other is not so important

or of the highest regard

in the scheme of my

solitary life, but that is not

the truth that drives me at all,

nor the values of my life.


For the other is wondrous

beyond what all these words

express; the other is precious

and worthy of boundless respect, 

because in seeing myself alone

and not lonely, and in sensing

the worthy that lives here

unstained, I know well that the other

is like me—a being of beauty,

a creature unique, 

a human crafted by

this world inspired,

a sentient body

filled tight with hope,

standing undivided and

solitary with others beside—

and that is surely enough.