Who owns my body?

Who owns my body?

The state?




What is my obligation?

Public good?

Private rights?


There is a contract that’s

supposed to exist between

a person and the whole.


There is a contract but I

have never seen it.

It is not tabled anywhere.


I was born into belonging

like a dog to its pack.


Who owns my body and

how much of it should I

(can I) give?


When I lay me down

it is the earth and the sky

that finally own me.


I own me and I am owned.

For now, only for how.

This is my only claim—

for now!


This is my will to strive

for ownership,

till that will dissolves

in the certainty from time.


Who owns my body,

my mind?


I make a choice of

who is in control.

But can I?

I am determined and also free.