Here’s the thing:

everyone thinks that

I’m not romantic,

they really do,

and they see me as kind

and good inside,

and also filled, you know,

with all those nice qualities

that you like to have around,

but that’s not

the stuff of dreams,

of flowers,

and chocolates,

and lovely thoughts

in cards.


Well, I’m here to say

that it depends what

you mean by romantic

because the way I see it,

I am a romantic in my soul,

a deep romantic,

a bloody great

beating heart romantic;

in the closet, yes,

but a deep bleeding romantic

just the same.


And though I may

find it hard to say

‘I love you!’ and do all

that cutesy shit,

I feel the love in my heart,

and I want to bring

happiness and take away pain,

and do some stuff to

change this world

and look out at a beautiful lake

and sigh with a poet’s smile

and then look in your eyes.


See, the romance lives

and grows here too,

and if you look real close

you will see that it’s true.


Did you like that last verse?

Romantic, hey?

Hope you’re impressed,

and that’s not even

my best.


So don’t say that I can’t be

a wonderfully romantic fool,

for the fool lives here fully

and the fool thinks of you.