Our pearly gates

No one can save me

but myself.

That has long been my mantra

to all who bring

salvation from another place.


No god or gods, no

divine interventions,

no spirits that invade

the course of this one life

from a world of imagination that

cannot be known.


And yet!


Salvation is more than me,

more than some western

individualism and lonely

path to perdition.


Yes, I can only save myself,

but only in the decisions

I make, not from life itself,

not from nature, not from all

that lives outside my narrow view.


And I reach out my hand

to you who travel the misty

road like me, and holding hands,

together we will proceed.


I reach out my hand to others

who have fallen on this way,

and together through the mist

we will find our pearly gates.