No less, no more

Deep within me I
am driven by the line,
‘no less, no more’.

Each being is dignity
embodied, like the Christ
on earth, carrying the universal spark.

Tyrants, queens, heads and emperors
hold no more of the spark, no less,
than the homeless man who reaches
out with his hat in an act to survive.

No more, no less is our Zero interval
as beings circumscribed by life and
death and by our search for meaning
midst all we wish for, and say and do

So deep within me, at my tender point
of humanness, there is no one
deserving of more,
no one deserving less,
no one above or below,
no heaven above,
no hell beneath,
no one to which you should bow
your heads and give your respects,
except the respect that all beings
deserve because of who they are as
creatures brought together in mystery,
as forms most beautiful, just like me.