It is a precious thing to live in peace,

and peace is not white tie sameness and

the dull regret of lifelong prison silence,

but open, filled with voices animated, 

embracing the differences that make us

unique without the need to go to war.


As we listen, as we respect, and understand

that no one sees the world the same way, we 

can learn, we can grow, we can change and 

bring our gaze to bear on  sorrows, loss and

challenges unique from another pair of eyes.


Peace is patience incarnate,

and does not distain dissent

and differences in ways and opinions

shared in the spirit of freedom’s voice,

but uses these as opportunities

to be more, not less, to be greater

through the assembling of what might 

be cause to divide and flavour with hate,

but in the end creates compassion,

and the deepening of our collective souls.