Life is not a journey

It has often been said,

and many times written,

that life is a journey,

and that we are

all on a path,

like the hero, Frodo,

seeking some great

significance or purpose

for our uniquely crafted lives.


But I have observed

that life is often

not so much a journey

as it is a series of

peculiar episodes

that form without

seeming purpose

from one stage in

our lives to another.


These episodes are

often moulded in

subtle inter-connections

and unexpected combinations

based on the person

pointing this way

and pointing that,

and then experiencing

the deflection to another

episode triggered by

forces personal,

shapes institutional,

and circumstances unimaginable.


Are we indeed

on a journey,

or are we living in

a series of strange

and fascinating parts,

formed together

by the stories we create

to make sense of

and find some meanings in

these inexplicable episodes?