I am the me

I am the me of forever,

the me beyond

the body of time,

the me of now

and always

that will live

and not live,

will die and not die.


I am the me of truth

and of delusion,

living now in pretence

and existing authentically

as depth and surface,

disguised in a body

and feeling inside.


I am the me of creation,

seeking the new

but finding the patterns

of the old in thoughts

and in doing all I do,

and believing that

being original is actually possible.


I am the me of love,

looking for fairytales and princes,

and love stories old and new,

but finding instead

the complex fusion of

being together and being alone.


I am the me of me,

creating in this brief time

the tales of a life lived

and truths believed

and loves gained,

and lies written

on the back of my head.