Autumn in Melbourne

Melbourne’s autumn falls 

in mid morning delight 

through sun’s gentle rays

held angular but still bright

and the tiniest flutter of breeze 

that moves the leaves and 

brushes the skin feather light.


Then the chill comes late 

in the.afternoon in a sudden 

shiver that reminds the body 

that winter is coming soon 

but is not quite here as yet,

and the coat is buttoned tightly 

though the sun has not yet

given up on the delight of day.


Melbourne lights up as evening

calls in shadow after the sun has 

given away its warm clear light,

as the chill of mist moves a ghostly 

handed brush across the landscape;

and the sting of cold is felt on cheek

and hand in the magical lonely walk

in stillness from a distant half-hid

street to the comfort, smells and 

warmth of home familiar as the day.