Tolerance does not

mean you agree with

everything that

is believed or

every practice

that is part of

what people do.


Tolerance means

that you allow

everyone to be

what they are

or accept what they

choose to persue,

even if you are

uncomfortable with

who they are

or what they

select for their lives.


If people are happy

and no one is hurt

then who are we

to judge and

to tell people

this is what

they have to do

and this is the way

they have to be?


Tolerance is about

the greater good

and seeing that

what makes for

a strong and vibrant society

is not monoculture

but the challenge

and openness

of being diverse.


Tolerance is understanding

all that is possible

under the laws

that are the boundaries

of our lives;

and acceptance is about

finding the core values

that we share collectively,

despite our differences.