Among the trees

In the local park

the trees abide and

live fixed to the birds

that fly and drop on

their branches in

a union of peace

that is older than any

human that has touched

this once full natural place.


Here among the trees

and the birds and the grass,

the humans come in twos and

threes and more to sit

and spread their blankets

and their selves,

and eat and take in all

that exists here as park,

and as place to hear

the sounds of wind

through ancient trees

and the chatter of birds

and the barking of dogs at play.


And children run among the trees

as they were ever meant to run,

and they chase each other

in the foliage green

and their laughter sharp is

nature’s song about the joy

of being part of all,

part of singing with the birds

and whistling with the sound

of wind that makes its tunes

among the branches and the leaves.