I have come to realise
that mind is more than
brain, more than body,
more than a collection
of neurons that chatter
endlessly and create
the grand world of me.

Mind is all of me now
but all of me then, and
all of me that might be
as I dream about the
possibilities that can come
and emerge in my personal space.

And mind is still beyond all
of this in being the coming
together of connections that
go out to others whose minds
join with mine to create something
of a larger self that has being
in being together in myriad ways.

So mind is not self-contained
in a body or a skull but finds
it’s being in the other close
by and far away and right out
to the whole earth with which
we are bound up, and even
out to the expanse of the
universe itself from which we
are made for some unknown eternity.

Mind is all of these and maybe more:
brain, body, connection, the other
as a force in the being of who we are.