Seven reasons why I hate being male

  1. The worst of humanity has

habitation in the male of the species,

through displays of strength

and unrelenting control

that are the poisoned fangs

of masculinity.


2. Oppression, repression,

abuse, conflict,

war, rape and hate

fill the poison sack

of machismo.


3. The innocent

and the vulnerable

are the special subjects

of the toxic male psyche

that targets them

right in the heart,

straight through

the soul.


4. Desire to dominate,

ravage and profit

have driven

the male

memories of history

and are part of the

venom of this

treacherous pack animal.


5. The male of the species

releases the destructive bane

of ignorance and exploitation

into the delicate eco-system

that diminishes our planet

and threatens

all creatures,

all that are connected

so intimately to us.


6. Women are bonded

and subsumed

under the category

of ‘male’

with its dominating

logic of the pack,

so that,

despite the struggle to

be fully free,

their equal authentic being

is but an ideal

is some parallel universe.


7. I am trapped in

the embodied expectations

of maleness,

constrained by

all the forms

and habits

that have to be shown

to fit the pack.


I hate being male,

so I am in search

of being a person,

of being

fully human,

of being a spirit

whose centre

is compassion.