Why we cry

No one knows why
we weep and cry
in tears said flooding loud,
or hidden in the silence
of defeat and goodbyes.

Perhaps it is a way
to clear our eyes or
a means to rid our sight
and our souls of all
that’s gathered there
that hurts and needs
to wash away and cleanse.

And no one knows why
tears as hanging pearls,
as droplets precious formed,
are wasted on the dross of life,
and given for so small a cause
that’s not so small at all.

But then again there are
happy tears that drip
and fill the world with grace
and mix with laughter
to create a potent cocktail
of happiness.for all to share.

This weeping profound,
this crying for nothing at all,
this weapon of gentleness,
is riddle of the human fool,
who is no fool at all.