Amor Fati?

Nietzsche is wrong.

Why should I accept

Some natural order,

Or some will to strive

To fulfil the

Strength in me?


Amor fati is a lie

Told as a truth

That the world

Is as it is

And will be

As it must be,

Including you

And me.


But I defy

That nobility

In the realm of nature

And instead

Say that the

Future and all

Of life is not


And may never

Come again.


And I dive into

That uncertainty

Not knowing

Where it

Will emerge

Or where it will take me.


I dive in knowing

That I can create

Only part

Of this great

System and

Way in the universe

That finds its

Expression in

Galaxies and

In the tiny


Of my life.


I am neither

Weak nor strong,

But alive, aware

And capable of

Bringing the karma

Of giving into

All the pockets

And corners of life,

And I strive through

Weakness to be

An enlightened person.