Can’t Sleep

Can’t sleep!

Mind an incessant pool

of thoughts

and feelings,

recollections and

whimsical little

things that

flood through my mind.


Then I am half asleep,

half awake,

but still in

the sliding slipstream

of dreams

that come in a

rush and then


like clouds

in the gentle

breeze of

a summer day.


Can’t sleep!!

Alone with noisy thoughts

as companions

on a journey

that takes me here

and then there,

to mountains

of desire and folly

and realms where

my annoying friend,


has come to play

and live out

his petty

little lies.


Can’t sleep!!!

How I wish for the

verity of

the light of day

to bring the world

back again,

for I grow tired of

the volley

of thoughts and images,

and long for

the still life to come.


Can’t sleep!

How I

wish for the

sacred balm

of sleep

to sweep me

into its arms

and take me


to that

treasured land





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