Inevitable Age?

How inevitable is Age!

It thumps rudely

at your door

and reminds you

that you can’t do

what you used to do.


And its friends

and gang members,

Sickness and Doubt,

eat away at you

and make Age

laugh all  the louder,

as they say,

“I told you so!”


And the trouble is

that all those who are

not subject to Age

(at least not yet),

believe its tales,

(you know, the ones

about the dottery tottery

old ones)

and that makes

living with Age

all the harder

and all

the more inevitable.


But I have power

in this pen of mine,

well, not much really,

it has to be said,

but enough to say,

“Fuck you, Age!

Go your way

and bother some other fool

and take that

damned walking stick

with you,

and leave me alone with

my aspirations of

being young again.