O time!

O time!


You are a big shit,

for you just keep counting on,

and on,

and on,

ticking away

like some damn fucking bomb,

until you say,

“Hey, man. Guess what?

Your time’s up. Boom!”


Yeah, like I’m really laughing!


Well, screw you, time!


Maybe you actually

don’t exist at all,

and it’s some grand

fucking delusion.


I’d like to believe that,

and think that it’s all

in our stupid heads

and we make all

this shit up,

like some of those

philosophers think.


But hey, nothin’ stops

the goddam change,

and the world rolls on,

and the world gets fucked

and I don’t get fucked

at all, ‘cept when time

shows his sorry arse

around at my place

and says there’s

no time left at all.